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      Liz Escobedo is a Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Composition at UTEP. She earned a Summa Cum Laude for the master’s degree in Studies and Creative Processes in Art and Design, with a Design and Communication specialization (CONAHCYT) and a B.A. in Communication Science with a Media specialization.  She has experience in both academic and professional fields. Besides, she has experience in community service. Her experience includes the Advertising and Marketing industry. In addition, she was the editor and CEO of a bilingual magazine on the border. Furthermore, her extensive media experience includes directing TV and documentaries and hosting television shows, radio, and podcasts. Her writing experience includes journalistic works, music & culture articles, scripts, speeches, interviews, academic articles, and book chapters.


      Liz is an Assistant Instructor at UTEP University of Texas at El Paso; in the Rhetoric & Writing Studies Program, First-Year Composition. She joined the University Writing Center as an Advisor and consultant. Also, she served as a Teacher and Administrative, Assistant director in Mexico at the Institute of Architecture, Design, and Art and the Institute of Social and Administrative Sciences.  Her research interests include Digital Humanities, Digital Communication, Pedagogies, Visual Ecology, Digital Rhetoric, Visual Rhetoric, Language, Multi-language, Mass Media, Sound Studies, Writing Studies, Composition, Culture, Pop Culture, Visual Culture, Border Studies, Multimodal, New Materialism, Environmental Studies, UX, Audiovisuals, Narrative, Semiotics, Art and Design.

Liz can be reached at